General Information

The event

From the 23rd to the 25th September, Open Data DK and the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen, Virk) will be holding a data hackathon in Aarhus, with the theme ‘energy’.

Students, entrepreneurs and businesses will spend a weekend together developing concepts, business ideas, prototypes and more, based on open data provided by Danish municipalities and energy companies.

The challenge

We are facing huge energy challenges now and in the coming decades. It is vitally important that we take responsibility now and start thinking radically differently to find new solutions. Which is why this hackathon weekend is about energy in all its forms. You will be presented with a wide range of energy data and challenges that you can use to develop sustainable solutions. In short: We provide the data, YOU create the solutions!

What is Open Data?

Open Data is defined as data that is available to the public and is free of charge. (Source: Open Knowledge Foundation)

Our digital society produces vast quantities of data that various initiatives are working to get publicised, for example Open Data Denmark – a collaboration between a number of Danish municipalities, two Regions and Virk.dk, provides an overview of business-relevant data to support productivity and innovation.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an intense workshop dedicated to working together to develop creative, digital solutions; typically in the form of prototypes or concepts.


Apply to participate via Eventbrite here

The deadline for registration is Thursday the 15th September 2016.

Everyone is welcome, with or without experience in hackathons or energy data. We welcome people with backgrounds in for example: anthropology, literature, communication, design.


It is free to participate and the whole weekend will be fully catered. Therefore, if your application is accepted and you don’t show up for the weekend, you will be charged 300dkk. Please contact us if you cannot participate – info@opendata.dk.

We cannot provide accommodation, but there are hotels and hostels within a short distance of the hackathon.


DOKK1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, 8000 Aarhus C


The whole weekend will be facilitated by Happy42.

Friday 23rd September
14.00: Welcome and introduction to the program

  • Lars Holtse, Picodat


18.00: Dinner
19.00: Hacking
24.00: Dokk1 closes

Saturday 24th September
All day: Concept development, idea generation and hacking

8.00: Dokk1 is open for Open Energy Days
8.30: Breakfast
10.00-15.00 Counselling by mentor-businesses
12.00: Lunch
18.00: Dinner
24.00: Dokk1 closes

Sunday 25th September
Development until 14:00

8.00: Dokk1 is open for Open Energy Days
8.30: Breakfast
11.30: Lunch
14.00-17.00: Presentation of projects and awards ceremony


Several municipalities and businesses have created challenges for Open Energy Days. The challenges are based on problems the participating municipalities and businesses hope to find smart solutions for. All the challenged are supported by open data.

Each case will be presented Friday afternoon. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and thereafter choose the challenge you would like to work with.

As challenges are formulated, they will be published on the Open Energy Days Facebook page.

Case 1:
Using data from cheap monitoring technology, how can we encourage people to change their energy consumption habits?
Case owner: Aarhus Municipality

Case 2:
How can we make climate- and energy accounts more visually attractive, making them easier to present to politicians and decision makers, and thereby contributing to improving knowledge and engagement?
Case owner: Central Denmark region

Case 3:
How can Frederiksberg Municipality transform raw data about water- and energy consumption into ’nudging’. To motivate users into changing their habits or to take immediate action, and thereby become more sustainable?
Case owner: Frederiksberg Municipality

Case 4:
How can open data about energy consumption from Odense Kommune help change energy use behavior amongst the users of the schools?
Case owner: Odense Kommune

Case 5:
How do we maintain a lower energy consumption amongst the citizens of Sulsted, using open data about the town’s energy consumption?
Case owner: Aalborg Kommune

Case 6:
Based on data from Albertslund Kommune, how do we create an innovative digital solution which informs homeowners in Albertslund whether their home is ready for ‘low temperature remote heating’. How can this data also help homeowners assess and take action to prepare their building for low temperature remote heating?
Case owner: Albertslund Kommune

The prize

The winners of Open Energy Days will receive a start-up package with expert help to further develop their project after the hackathon, and to possibly start their own business.

  • 3 month counselling from Amba2
  • 5 hours consulting in business development at BIIR
  • ½ day with an UX designer and an IT architect from Systematic
  • Legal advice from Fønix Advokater
  • ½ day with WeLearn focusing on marketing and behavioral design
  • 1 day with the innovation consultants from Center for Innovation i Aarhus


The Jury

A jury of experts within the fields of energy, innovation, technology and smarty city solutions will decide the winner of Open Energy Days.

Preben Meyer is a pioneer in the world of IT; he started Denmark’s first computer supply company DanaData and created TDC Internet. He has won a number of prestigious awards for his work with technology and innovation.

EmaZys Technologies: Anders Rand Andersen

AutoUncle: Niels Kristian Schjødt

Kamstrup: Jonas Brandt, Head of Data Services & Analytics

Jonas Kroustrup: Chief Resilient Officer in The City of Vejle